Working with Passé Intellectual Property has been a true pleasure from beginning to completion. As a business owner, I’ve rarely felt this level of dedication and personal investment from a legal team. I feel the team at Passé IP took a personal interest in seeing my IP get approved, and found solutions to every obstacle. Their knowledge and skill was a constant reassurance that I made the right choice for my IP legal needs.

David Starr

Mr. Jim Passé and I have worked together since 2012 and have accomplished a total of five patents, three issued and two pending. I found Jim is intelligent and quick in learning the subjective area of my inventions. He has a good and supportive assistant who is professional and responsive. It has been a positive and pleasant experience collaboration.

Jason Shih

We’ve been working with Jim and his team for 10 years. They are proactive with finding solutions to our issues and responsive to our inquiries.

Jan Gutierrez

I have had great experience with Jim Passé and his team. He has saved me from several issues and potential mistakes. I would not hesitate to recommended him and his team and will happily use him in the future .

Jim Ankeny

Jim Passé and his team went above and beyond their duty to make sure my interest was protect throughout the process. They made what seemed impossible really possible and achievable.

Mounib Aoun

You want the best patent Attorney than you want Jim!!

Patrick M

They’ve helped me with two patents and some trademark work. They really made it easy. This is a good shop, especially for a small to medium inventor.

Scott Hanson

I was recommended to Jim by a co-worker. This was the best recommendation I could have ever been gotten. Jim and his team are awesome. Jim’s knowledge and expertise is / was key to my being able to obtain my patent. Jim was up front and honest about the whole process. He told me the positive and the negative in this venture. Everything he said came true accept for one thing. He told me it can / could take up to 2 before I could receive my patent and it could go back and forth between the examiner and myself up to 5 times. I WAS ABLE TO OBTAIN MY PATENT 7 MONTHS AND THE EXAMINER ONLY HAD ONE QUESTION. We respond to the examiners questions and 2 months later, I had my patent. There was a time I was beginning to worry and question different aspect.. Jim and his team with their wisdom and knowledge of the process were able to not only answer my questions but put many of my fears to rest. Jim and his Team made this process so seamless and smooth. This was the best move I could have ever made is obtaining Jim Passé Intellectual Properties as the firm to look out for my interest, my family and my future Corporation. They provide me with so much assistance beyond just the patent process. I will recommend Jim and his team to anyone who is looking for a patent attorney to look no further. Jim has everything you need and much more.

I can not say thank you enough to them.

Joseph Hackett

Jim and his team were enthusiastic about my product, creative in their approach and focused on the process. It has been a pleasure working with them through the successful journey ending in receipt of my patent.

Steven C. Goode

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