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Passé Intellectual Property

Passé Intellectual Property, LLC is a patent law firm located in the heart of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill). Passé IP is committed to helping local, national, and international clients achieve product success through the preparation, development, management, licensing, and leverage of a strategic patent or patent portfolio. Our patent attorneys serve clients who are individuals, start-ups though mid-sized companies, and universities in all technology fields.

A complete range of patent preparation, prosecution, opinion, and consultation services are available from an experienced patent attorney to capture technology as it emerges and to help shape our client’s destiny. In addition, our trademark attorney provides expert trademark and trade name services.

By employing a philosophy of understanding the client’s business and technology, then providing service at a reasonable price, Passé Intellectual Property is positioned to craft a strong patent position for their client’s ultimate business goals.

Learn more about our legal services or contact us for a FREE consultation with a patent attorney at or 919-256-8199.

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